23 thoughts on “Nokia’s N8 Foosball Fever – Greatest match ever played?”

  1. Great ad that, in the tradition of recent ads, has absolutely nothing to do
    with the product and deliberately misleads you about its capabilities 😛

  2. only thing that gives it away is fast focusing which n8 is unable to do,
    other than that you would be surprised by the footage i shot with my n8.

  3. @killerskillet ….It is fake, look at the behind the scenes clip at 44
    seconds and see how late the crowd reacts to the goal. like 3 seconds. and
    the ball was clearly in the whole time. meaning the ball was added after
    and they didnt realise they messed up on the timing. Trust me, just because
    it looks real with all the camera angles, it isnt.

  4. Na boa, esses cara são muito fodão! Tá q nem aqueles videos dos gols do
    Ronaldinho huauhauhauh Boa! For these and other reasons I bought my nokia

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