Notifications, widgets, and various other Nokia N8 tips

There are quite a few things I like about the Nokia N8, despite the rather limited Symbian^3 improvements. The notification widget is handy and I have severa...
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Question by MileyFan345!: Having problems with my Dvdvideosoft youtube/ipod converting, How do i fix it?
I downloaded the Dvdvideosoft youtube to ipod converter and I got the video downloaded and everything and put it on my itunes. I shows up on my itunes *it kinda skips in the video,i dont know if thats normal* but when i go to sync my ipod the videos will not transfer over. Over all i just want the soundtrack and could care less about the video. Any tips of what im doing wrong?

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Answer by Kristen Stewart
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21 thoughts on “Notifications, widgets, and various other Nokia N8 tips”

  1. how did u get that second bar on home screen, SPeed dial u called it? and how would u add apps u have to that bar? i love this phone an only had it a couple of days so far. i had the xperia x10 sony ericsson befor an that was good but not as good as this baby.

  2. It’s a good phone, i prefer symbian bcz is more customizable. Unfortunately, nokia managers are stupids.

  3. this home screen just seems so much more “advanced” than anything else out there. It might be a bit “busy” or less user friendly, but a steep learning curve means you have access to so much more with less digging.

  4. yeah! u r rite… Nokia copies and iPhone re-invents. As they say, Apple invented Fire… ROFL

  5. not long.. but im using the phone for music, social networking, texting, emailing, calling and internet

  6. sorry for answering a question that is not intended for me, but I have to since there’s lots of fan boys telling you bias.

    YES, I personally used many phones/OS. I would recommend the N8, out of the box it can do lots of things from entertainments, school, to work. No need to root/jailbreak to get what you want.

  7. get an iphone? it’s not a complete phone out of the box, you need to buy apps or jailbreak it to get apps that suit you. Also android is the same case as Iphone, not complete out of the box and you need to root it and also buy apps to suit your needs, and it also depends on the manufactures on how they use android. BB is good but their hardware feels cheap and outdated.

    the only things that android or iOS is better is their OS is more organize than Symbian 3 and more apps

  8. fm transmitter is by far outstanding. I guess it depends on where you live, i live in the city and I get lots of static.

  9. symbian is sxxt fxxking wake up people!! stop being nokia’s test tube sheep
    and get yourself a htc, bb, or an iphone!! trust me you wont be disappointed.

  10. I till ya how Nokia the master of copying just check the e71,e72,e5,c3 copying BB nokia n8 with the front single button and photo editor plus gallery and video in one place do u remember which phone has this staff! iPhone. Ok I understand that samsung do the same but samsung do it in a nice way with galaxy s

  11. Nokia doesn’t like to copy hahhaahahah u make love man Nokia the master of copying if u don’t know

  12. of course symbian is good and easy.and its friendly…Android and iphone os is nothing …the only new things in these OS is are new applications which are not supported for symbian.every mobile has its quality and does not cares about android and iphone,nokia is happy with symbian and if any changes nokia will make .they will make different and new.they will not copy android and any other OS.bcoz nokia doesn’t like to copy…..

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