Opinions and cool tips about the Blackberry Pearl 8130?

Question by Elischa: Opinions and cool tips about the Blackberry Pearl 8130?
I am getting my Pearl on Tuesday and want to know if there are any precautions I should take as far as things that break easily or if there are any cool tricks anyone knows of to enhance usage or even any must have applications to install? Anything would be helpful! Thanks!

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Answer by maedhros77
What provider are you getting this device with? I have the phone with Sprint. The sprint version has a glitch that will delete all of your SMS, email, and call logs if the phone gets low on memory. Can be a very annoying glitch.

A few tips/workarounds for the Pearl. Since sprint disables sending picture mail on the device, you can workaround this by attaching the picture to an email and sending it to the other persons pic mail address (eg phonenumber@mmode.com for AT&T). The other person will receive it just like a normal pic mail.

An app that I would def recommend is Google maps. It is a very useful app and is free. Also, Opera mini is a great free web browser alternative to blackberry's browser. It has support for a lot of websites that blackberry's browser will not work on.

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