out of these phones which would you suggest?

Question by Ash :): out of these phones which would you suggest?
Ok so long story short, I dropped my phone in the toilet the other day and its gone crazy.. i need a new phone but cant afford a Sprint Data plan so i'll just stick with basic ones.. So between the Kyocera Brio, Samsung Trender, and Samsung Reclaim, Which would you suggest? Please answer ASAP thanks! :)
my current phone is a samsung seek and i like it minus the freezing and I refuse to get an LG phone.

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Answer by Sadie
Great phone choices your phone you droped have you taken the back off and the battery and let it sit to dry for at least 24hr it should work have you thought about a xperia phone

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Question by : do i have unlimited texting with virgin mobile?
i signed up for the 25 dollar a month beyond talk plan with virgin mobile, which is supposed to give me unlimited texting, web browsing, emailing, ect. but i got a text from virgin mobile saying "your $ 0 messaging pack (1000 msgs/mo) will come w/your next monthly charge. pay per message until then." what does that mean? do i have unlimited texting or not?

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Answer by Allen
I've had the $ 25 beyond talk plan with virgin mobile for nearly and I assure you that you have unlimited text and data.

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  1. I would definitely go with the Brio. The Reclaim is too old-the UI is boring and it’s not worth it. The Trender is very similar to the Seek, which is something you’d probably like, but I find that it’s very rectangular the and the edges tend to dig into your palms. The screen on the Trender isn’t very responsive and to be honest, it has many of the problems (freezing, mostly) that the Seek has. The Brio isn’t the most advanced phone, but it does offer a great QWERTY keyboard and is great for texting.
    You said that you can’t afford the Sprint Data plan, and the Trender does have 3G capabilities. So I don’t even think that phone is an option. If the Brio isn’t your style go with the Trender because despite the cons, it’s a decent phone for the deal. Good luck :)

  2. Hello there, u are so lucky I saw your question considering I’ve had both the kyocera Brio and Samsung Trender. As of now I have the Samsung Trender for about five days because I exchanged at sprint. I previously had the Kyocera Brio and besides how nice it looks… I seriously hate the phone. The kyocera Brio does not contain an mp3 player therefore it did not support any music files no matter how hard I tried and even had files send through text by other friends. I finally figured out that the Brio only accepts polyphonic ringers or MID/MIDI to be exact. Even after figuring out the format of music I could not set them as ringtones in any folder. I tried having a friend send them to me by text but the phone formats it to qcp which was really bad quality and even then it only gave me the option to save the sound NOT assign it. The kyocera Brio would constantly reject sending text messages and it even froze up. Sometimes it would even shut down on its own. Getting the memory card out was a pain considering it is located behind the back cover and taking the back cover off was an even bigger challenge. (luckily i have long nails) I did however love texting on the phone, it had a nice feeling until it refused to send the messages. I searched online for days trying to figure out tricks for the Kyocera Brio and found out that other stores sold it with mp3 player and camera flash which is not included in the sprint phone. To find out for myself, I called each store and personally talked to customer service however after going back and forth and ending up at sprint, the special features were only lies. Hard to believe this all happened in a week and I was glad to return it. As for the samsung trender I personally love the phone. THe only flaw with it is that you cant add ringtones to it (tried websites, texts from friends, etc.) When some audio files do make it through, the phone plays it with voice memo which isnt horrible however, even then i cant save the file or even find it. To my surprise the touch screen is pretty accuarte and not too shabby. call quality is perfect, and even though the camera is 1.3 mega pixels its alright for a free phone. The phone does accept memory cards and computer plugins. It has mp3 player and a 3.5 head jack to connect regular sized headphones (unlike the kyocera brio). Overall I love the phone regardless of ringers, and unless you have a data plan then getting ringers will be a huge challenge which i still have to figure out. I can’t say I have any information about the Reclaim but I hope I was able to help you with the Kyocera Brio and Samsung Trender. Best of luck! 😀

  3. You absolutely do!

    I’m a long-time customer and user of the Virgin Mobile network, and love the fact there are no tricks, no hidden fees and no complications. I also use the $ 25 per month program, have been doing so for quite some time (first with the Kyocera Loft, then Samsung Intercept … now with the LG Optimus V).

    Your message IS confusing … here’s what I recommend doing first:

    Log in to your account at virginmobileusa.com … once there, click on “My Account” .

    1. On the “Account Overview” tab, scroll down just a little until you see “Account Activity”

    2. There, you will see “Price” … “Messaging, Data & Web” and “Anytime Minutes”.

    3. As long as everything is good, the Price will be $ 25, the Messaging & Data will say “Unlimited” and the Anytime Minutes will be 300.

    If your Account Activity reads this way, completely disregard the text message – it was probably intended for a “PayLo” plan subscriber. If you see anything other than that, CALL customer service at Virgin Mobile.

    Quick question for you: Did you recently upgrade from a PayLo plan to the $ 25 Beyond Talk Plan?

    Again – don’t worry, I’ve had a few of those phantom texts myself, over the years.

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