Q&A: A phone repair company lost my phone. What should I do?

Question by Sugar n Spice: A phone repair company lost my phone. What should I do?
I took my phone to get the screen repaired at a phone repair business and they lost it!! They have looked for week and have been unable to find it. I was in a hurry and didn't think to download all of my pictures first. I know this a bad on my part but I never thought off all people the phone repair would lose the phone! My family lives 36 hours away and I only get to see them about every 5-7 years. I recently took my daughter out there for the first time to meet her grandparents and exteneded family and most of the pictures were on my phone!!! These pictures are irreplacable. The phone company offered to buy me a new/used phone off ebay to replace it but that doesn't even come close to the lose I am taking on the pictures!! What should I do? What options do I have? I have never sued anyone so don't assume I am sue happy but I really am starting to feel like it might need to happen ..... any thoughts?

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Answer by cactusgene
You have two options available to resolve this case. You can take the repair shop's offer to replace your phone or you could sue them in court. But the latter is expensive and there is no guarantee that you will win. Take their offer of a new phone and make sure that you back-up any photos or other important documents to your computer or a DVD disc in the future. I know that is a sad lesson to learn, but also ask the repair shop to inform you whenever the old phone should be found, as the photos thereon are irreplaceable.

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