Q&A: alot of questions about virign mobile service?

Question by Dennis: alot of questions about virign mobile service?
i have a few questions. does anyone know the new upcoming plans from virgin mobile? such as cheaper nites and weekends? month2month,day2day, innercircle and such? do you know if virgin is going to team up with hotmail messenger anytime soon?
do u know if virgin mobile will carry the new phone from kyocera m1000? do u know any of the new phones coming out from virgin? do u know if there going to have unlimited text bundles and cheaper nites and weekends??? thanks in advance.. and if u have anything new or know anything about virgin mobile that customers dont know tell me please i need to know. by the way if anyone is getn a new virgin mobile phone when u activate online and refer me we both get 10 dollars airtime so refer me when u do it online email me at dennisjara91@yahoo.com for my info and instructions thanks in advance for everything...

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Answer by ♥ Crys ♥
Hi, I used them to test Sprints Network when I was trying to see what was best (they are on the Sprint PCS network) Ampd is Verizon and Cingular/ATT has their own. ANyway, the service sucked. It barely picked up anywhere and they no longer have things like free mobile to mobile when you call other VW customers. If you have no other option, I'd say they are a better prepaid, but only as a last choice. I went with Cingular and am happy with the coverage. TIP Never use Ampd, they had mine so jacked up! I was supposed to get 1000 min for $ 50 and they were charging me 50 cents a min instead and my phone kept getting cut off.

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