Q&A: Anyone else have problems with their Motorola Q?

Question by Sweetie: Anyone else have problems with their Motorola Q?
I got a Motorola Q in March and so far it has locked up and gone dead 3 times. Alltell had to give me a different phone each time. I have always had problems with it holding the battery life. Is anyone else experiencing problems with theirs , similar or other ones?? Any tips on how to avoid these problems?

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Answer by lyla384
I have little knowledge of the Motorola Q since my friend has it. So far hers hasn't given up on her, but her battery life isn't that great. She has about 5 spare batteries with her- that's how much the battery life on her phone suck. Most Q users say that the battery life on their phone doesn't hold well.
If you're always on the go then you should carry a spare battery with you for those times when you can't get to a charger. It's a really nice phone- the features and everything are great- but the charge is disappointing.

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Start somewhere easy, like small box or a rail. At some parks they have boxes that are almost buried so that you can ride straight on without having to ollie, start on these. From burton.motorola.com
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One thought on “Q&A: Anyone else have problems with their Motorola Q?”

  1. My Motorola Q freezes up on me constantly. At least once a day, usually more like 3-4 times per day. It can freeze while I try to do anything — place a call, hang up on a call, txt message, etc etc.

    When it crashes, the only way to restart it is to pull the battery out of the back of the phone — which is really hard to do, I have to use a mini screwdriver. What a disappointing phone!

    It’s still under warranty, so Verizon has talked me through a full software swipe and re-install, but I’m still having the same issues, so I’ll replace it with another Q, but if I continue to have the same problems I’m gonna be pissed and just try and get another model altogether.

    This thing’s been nothing but a headache, it’s seriously ruining my life, people think I’m not answering their calls, ignoring them, or hanging up on them. Good luck with yours! I feel your pain.

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