Q&A: Blackberry curve.. Need help!!?

Question by sally0379: Blackberry curve.. Need help!!?
I got a new blackberry curve and really need help with a few things.. First it came with this CD for my computer, but it does nothing..( cant get it to work) I am using Windows Vista.. Also am I able to bluetooth ring tones? I am also with T-mobile.( I know they make it hard to do this without buying them) Anyone with tips on how to get the most out of my phone, Please tell.. Thanks!!!

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Answer by StillChillin2009
I don't think you can customize the blue-tooth ringtone, as most are pre-set by the manufacturer. The only tips I can offer are: free ringtones can be found at either Tuneusin.com or Crackberry.com. Also- last I checked, there are no known viruses for the Blackberry, so downloads are safe :)

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