Q&A: Blackberry curve tricks?

Question by sourpatchkidd!: Blackberry curve tricks?
are there any blackberry curve tricks or secrets?? like anything cool, and what are the best apps

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Answer by BlkBear



Google is your friend.

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Question by Problem-Child: Tips,Tricks,and more for Blackberry Pearl 8130?
I have a Blackberry Pearl 8130 from Sprint and does anyone know any tips i should know with my Blackberry or any tricks i could use on it, or even any websites for free apps,ringtones,themes i could use for mine. And is there a way i could AIM on my Blackberry for free or do i have 2 pay for it?

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Answer by Goliath
For tips and tricks for BlackBerry Pearl 8130 go to www.newbbie.com

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