Q&A: Cant add games to Nokia 6255i?

Question by Denver R: Cant add games to Nokia 6255i?
Carrier is MetroPCs. I have the .jad and .jar file in a directory on my PC but when I add the game via the Nokia PC Suite "Install Applications" it never shows up in any menu. I tried just moving the .jar/.jad onto the memory card but it says invalid file type.

Any help appreciated!

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Answer by Wicked
The first poster on this site has a file sharing and moble phone community. he has links to
Nokia 6255/6i - Guides, Tips, Tricks and more

Find out how to install applications and games to your Nokia 6255
his answer:
" they have the "Extras" folder disabled? If they do you will only be able to get in via the Go-To trick. They might have also removed all of the apps and games on the phone already and thats why its not picking them up. I have them all available for download if you need or want the original 6255i games and apps. Try to install new games and see if it will let you. "

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Answer by Jake L
Check out these articles.






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