Q&A: Contacts transferring tips?

Question by Samantha: Contacts transferring tips?
I'm Trying to transfer my contacts from my US Cellular Motorola "dumb phone" to my new Verizon Blackberry Curve. I have tried transferring them over Bluetooth, but that didn't work. I don't know what else i can try? Please help ASAP!

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Answer by lydiale_strange
if you get an sd card and slip it into your old phone, you can save your contact to it then use the sd card in your new phone and transfer them that way. if you don't want to go get an sd card, you can use the one in your camera if you delete the stuff on it. hope this helps! :)

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  1. I don’t think there is a way to download a contact list even from a smart phone. Source: (Not re-text typing) My dumb Samsung little flip has a free Verizon app that saves my contact list every morning. I could lose or drop my phone in a pool and I con get everything downloaded to a new phone from the My Verizon website. They texted me & it was a free app download.

  2. If your Motorola phone can be sycnorized with Outlook Express on pc,
    Then you can transfer all Contact from Outlook Express to Black Berry.

  3. just copy all contacts to your sd card and put that card to other mobile whichever you want then copy it from sd card or some phones have a facility of data transfer using this feature you can transfer all thing contacts,calender and gallery.

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