Q&A: How accurate is sony ericsson fitness application?

Question by Dwip: How accurate is sony ericsson fitness application?
If I time a run on my sony ericsson and just place my phone in my pocket instead of on a holder, will it affect my run time?

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Answer by jack
It depends on How you calibrate your phone. You'll find an option on the fittness application called "calibrate". More accurate you calibrate, More accurate your results are... Because Sony ericsson uses a 2D accelerometer which is more sensitive to jerks. It doesn't affect the run time if you keep your phone wherever in your body.
Suppose If you doubt... You can check your accelerometer sensitivity.
*>*< <*<* on your phone >& < Indicates right & left Joystick key. Then select accelerometer then test. Just move your phone more slightly notice the variation in accelerometer readings. This confirms the sensitivity of your sensor and the accuracy of your results. For more such tricks on sony ericsson Visit http://www.debrandingsonyericsson.com/ Download java applications games themes at one click

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