Q&A: How can I get the dust out of the screen of my phone?
November 22, 2013 Nokia Tips And Tricks
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by Matty Ring

Question by parkman_93033: How can I get the dust out of the screen of my phone?
There is dust on the inside of my phone's screen. Does anybody know any tricks on how to get the dust out?

Phone: Nokia E71

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Answer by Taylor
sometimes if you get a tooth brush and gently brush then the dust will come out

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Question by Trooper: Can I trust nokia 800 lumia marketplace when buying xbox games on my cellphone?
I would like to buy a game that costs 5 euros(it's called "ZOMBIES!!!") but I don't understand why can't I pay with my cellphone credits? can I really give the number of my credit card to buy this game,is there a chance that I will be tricked and that it will steal all my money from the credit card?

Btw I do not have the android nokia,which,I know,it sucks :(
Thank you for your answers!

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Answer by ccsvchost
you can trust this as long as its from the official store on the phone. microsoft is a big company and if they steal your credit card details, then they will be in trouble financially. so it is safe.

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  1. well the only way to clean it by opening it well i think it has no screws but it should have them in the place where you put the battery but if you do that your warranty will get void
    good luck

  2. you may have to unscrew the screen and clean the underneath one or take it in and have it cleaned it shouldn’t cost you anything…

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