Q&A: How can I text better with the LG Vu?

Question by mUaHzZz: How can I text better with the LG Vu?
I have the LG Vu and I love everything except the texting, I did the touch calibration thing but it still is giving me trouble. Any ideas?

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Answer by Biggz
get a different phone?

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: How can I text better with the LG Vu?”

  1. just practice. ive had mine for about 3 months and the texting is my favorite part.

    just do the touch calibration while holding the phone like you would if you were texting, it might help

  2. i jus use the regular phone key pad with T9 now i cant txt without looking like on a non touch screen phone but i still txt very fast oh and us ur nails rather then finger tips

  3. Use your nails until you get comfortable. I did with my Behold and now I can text perfectly fine. It’s just about practice. Touchscreen texting takes time getting use to, you’ll be OK.

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