Q&A: How do I access “Download Catalog” on my Sidekick LX (2007)?

Question by J: How do I access "Download Catalog" on my Sidekick LX (2007)?
I just recently received my uncle's Sidekick LX (2007) Espresso Brown.

Whenever I try to access Download Catalog, the following message appears on my screen: "The Catalog will be available once data service has been restored."

I am uncertain on how I should proceed, and I would greatly appreciate any helpful tips or advice. I am trying to access Download Catalog to acquire ringtones.

Thank you in advance. I will be choosing "Best Answer".

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Answer by michelle10079
Okay I have this same phone you have to have the data plan for the phone. Do you have this? Are you able to go on the web? If you have T-mobile and are not signed up for the data plan it's an extra 20.00 a month for this option.

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