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  1. (Here is a little tip, if your having trouble with wotan.)

    1a. Begin by charging your phone.
    1b. Install all drivers that came on the disk with your phone. If you dont have access to the disk you can download the contents from sonyericsson.com
    2. Download and install the sony ericsson update service package. Follow the instructions. (I used this method to install the usb flash drivers)
    3. Download and install the wotan client. While doing this purchase a credit from them to be able to use the client. (http://www.wotanserver.com)
    4. Install and run the wotan client. Check your email that your registerd with through paypal, and record the Log-in and Password information from your email.
    5. When the client is started, it will begin by downloading information from the internet. After this is done, there is an area to type in your login and password information. Type in your login and password, and left click the “check” button to make sure that your login is correct, and you have credits in your account. Leave the client running and continue to the next step.
    6. When your phone is 100% charged continue on to the next step.
    7. Alright, your phone is totally charged? Now remove the SIM card and any other memory cards from the phone. (You might have to remove the battery to do this, after the SIM card and memory card are removed from the phone go ahead and replace the battery. Leave the phone OFF)
    8. Connect the DCU-60 cable to your computer. (The USB end of course, and you may do this at anytime before this step)
    9.In the Wotan Client left mouse click the “Start” Button. (Wotan Client will say something like: Connect your phone pressing “C” waiting…)
    10. Locate the “c” key on your phone. Press and hold down the c key (on your phone). While still holding down the “c” key instert the DCU-60 cable into your phone.
    11. The Wotan client should find your phone. Once it has detected and displayed the information about your phone you can let go of “c”.

    **The DCU-60 Cable is the one that came with your sony ericsson phone**

    Wotan Still Not Detecting Your Phone?

    While holding down C and inserting the cable, if you get a Found New Hardware window you need to download the USB Flash Drivers. You can find this driver in a few different places. Step 2 should take care of this problem since the Sony Ericsson updater has the driver with it. If you have installed the Sony Ericsson updater and get this window, then try searching for the driver on your computer since it should be there. If windows finds it just install the driver by clicking next then finish as you would with any other hardware/driver.

    Remember you are pushing and holding the “c” key on your PHONE

    Push and Hold the “c” before inserting the DCU-60 cable, continue pressing the c untill wotan detects your phone. (It should take no longer than 5 seconds to detect). After wotan had detected the phone, you may let go of the “c” key.

    Make sure your phone is OFF before inserting the DCU-60 cable

    If for some reason your phone does not want to start up after detecting with wotan or are having trouble during the detection process, try un-inserting and re-inserting your battery, or turning your phone off and on if possible.

    Hope This Helps!

  2. The easiest solution for me was to start from scratch as follows:

    Get the USB Flash driver (USB_flash.rar)

    Get WotanClient (www.wotanserver.com)

    Do not register, buy credits, or fill in login details. Leave username/password blank.

    Press and hold the TWO and FIVE (2 and 5) buttons on the numeric keypad on your phone simultaneously and connect the DCU-60 (USB to SE fastport) cable to your phone. Do not let go of the 2 and 5 buttons.

    If the USB Flash driver is not yet installed, you will get a new hardware dialog from windows. Point it to the ggsemc.inf file you downloaded.

    When the driver installed successfully, press the Start button in WotanClient.

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