Q&A: How do I use the Blackberry Pearl suretype function effectively?

Question by Scott: How do I use the Blackberry Pearl suretype function effectively?
NOTE: I have tried using the suretype but it does not seem to display the letters the way I need them to..
Any tips?
PLEASE, INFORMED ANSWERS ONLY. Thanks everyone for the help.

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Answer by Jeremy Kitching
In order to use SureType effectively when you are first starting out, just start typing the word you are trying to spell without looking at the screen. If you look at the screen you will think that the device is picking the wrong letters. Just keep typing the word and 90-95% of the time it will correctly guess the word. For custom words, of course, you will need to pick the correct letter. But the device (by default) will learn those words.

Below is a link to a SureType tutorial:


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Question by Eric R: How do you access EA fantasy football on a blackberry pearl?
i got a new phone (blackberry pearl) and cant log in to ea fantasy football. it keeps refreshing to the same page even with registration too. ive also tried just ea.com but that requires a flash player and i understand that flash is not available to blackberry at this time. any help out there????

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Answer by Layla B
If you want real tips on how to win Fantasy football just remember it is an evolving game. Every year, if you are not getting better, you are getting worse. Seize control of your league. Ensure victory!

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