Q&A: I have an open line Blackberry and I’m migrating to the States?

Question by I'm cool like that: I have an open line Blackberry and I'm migrating to the States?
How am I going to connect it to a network and get a Blackberry service for it?
Oh and are there prepaid subscriptions available at AT&T or T-Mobile or something?
Thank you!

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Answer by Angel
Doesn't work like that dude. You'll need a brand new contract with one of the carriers either AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon....etc

It's not like in the Middle East, where you purchase your phone at a store and can use any service you like. In the US you BUY the service and the phone HAS to be purchased at the service provider you choose!! The contracts are deadly, overpriced, and if you want to text (there's an extra charge), if you want international dialing ( that's extra), if you want international texting (that's extra), if you want internet access (extra!!) and the list goes on.
Oh, and if you choose a smartphone, you have to pay an extra Blackberry/iphone charge each month!!
There are several plan packages....be smart don't let them trick you into getting the most expensive service, because they tend to take advantage of newbies!!

I'd suggest getting a phone from Virgin Mobile, they're a new provider, offer a fair range of phones, NO contracts, and affordable... they have plan options and you can choose a pre or post paid service ( when my contract ends, I'm switching to them)!! You can get their service at Best Buy.

Sorry but unless you choose to keep your own service from back home, and continue paying your national provider's prepaid subscription or monthly charges......
You will have to get a new phone!!

And BTW the phone you get from the traditional providers, will only work with their service, for example if you choose to change to another provider after your contract expires, you'll have to get a new phone from the service provider again!!!
Oh, and since you don't have credit you'll have to put a huge down payment before getting a phone. Moving back to the US I had to put down a whopping $ 400 down payment at Verizon!!

Another option, would be to get prepaid service from one of the traditional carriers, and use your own phone IF they still use SIM chip techonology...I don't know if they still do...then you could change chips....but it isn't worth it because you'll go through too many prepaid cards...and that's not cost effective. I knew people who got this kind of service in 2009 when visting the US.

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Answer by Rishikesh
sure, visit the following link:

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One thought on “Q&A: I have an open line Blackberry and I’m migrating to the States?”

  1. Hi there! Having owned an 8520 myself, here are some of the things I found helpful in improving its performance.

    A lot of the speed concerns are affected by Memory Usage. The 8520 doesn’t have a large memory that it uses for running the phone’s (along with those of your installed 3rd party apps) processes. Because your phone needs ample memory to run processes quickly, you’ll need to limit unnecessary memory usage. Here are some things you can do:
    1. Closing apps after use (i.e. Pressing Menu Button then choosing Close). Some apps will not close by just pressing the back button, or the end-call button (which brings you back to the home screen).
    2. Clean your phone memory often. Your phone comes with a built-in memory cleaner. I’m not too sure on the exact steps to access it, but you should find it under Options or Advanced Options. Try looking for Memory Options or something like that. If you want, you can also download a memory cleaner app. There are a lot on AppWorld, free and paid ones. I could recommend a good one I still use but I’d rather not post it here.
    3. Limit installed apps to a minimum. As mentioned, if you have many apps running in the background, this can affect performance. If you have apps that you don’t use often (esp Social Media/Networking apps and Messaging apps), consider removing them. A lot of the apps run in the background, silently, constantly connecting to the internet to check for updates, messages, etc. Even if they don’t show up as running tasks, they’re often in the background, taking up memory and running processes…which affect your phone’s performance. Limiting your apps to only critical ones you simply “have to have” can help improve the speed of your phone.
    4. Lastly, you can also perform (i.e. schedule) regular “battery pulls”. If you’ve had your 8520 for a while, I’m sure you know that a good reset/battery pull can also help flush out what is often referred to as “memory leaks” from apps. If you follow suggestion #3 and limit your apps to a minimum, and feel that you can do with just one more app, consider installing an app that resets your phone on schedule (i.e. without having to physically remove and reinsert the battery). Such an app can help you keep your phone performing properly. This will, of course, mean that there will be brief periods (minutes) when you won’t be able to use your phone, nor be contacted — but if you can spare a few minutes every 6 hours or so, then why not? I’m also inclined to suggest an app which I use, but would rather not post it here — for objectivity.

    I hope these help.

    If you’d like to discuss your concern more thoroughly, or learn more about your BlackBerry, join the BlackBerry Empire Forum. =)

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