Q&A: Kyocera Switch Back or Wild Card?

Question by SPRKLZ: Kyocera Switch Back or Wild Card?
i need a new phone my razr is no more ...i dont know what one to get which one is better...also does anyone know if they have msn messenger and if u add a 20$ top up does it ask u if u want unlimited text?

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Answer by jane_doe
Well, I defenitly recommend the wildcard over the switchback. the wildcard is the newer version of the phone, so it works better, faster, and looks a lot nicer, plus has a bunch of extra features you won't be able to find on the switchback.

for your questions..
the wildcard does not have MSN messaging. they have AIM, and Yahoo IM. thats it.
if you add a 20 dollar top up, it doesnt ask you any questions. it just adds the money for you. if you want to sign up for unlimited texting, you have to go to your account on virginmobile.com and go to "minute plans" then you can check the box where it says "unlimited texting- $ 20/ month" and then you'll have it. but you might want to add $ 30 then, since your balance will be down to 0 when you do that.

but, if you want to know WHY i like the wildcard over the swithback, heres my reasons:
its totally up to you, because its your decision, but since you asked for our opinion, here's mine:

-a TON of downloadable stuff [games/ringtones/graphics..]
-really good keyboard
-good for texting
-cheap minutes! [$ 20 for 200, $ 30 for 400, or $ 50 for 1000]
-really really good service [i can't stress that enough...!]
-pretty good battery [it uses a lot of energy because it has two screens, so i have to charge mine about every other night. no biggie]
-fun games!!
-a ton of really cool features that you wouldn't normally find on a prepaid phone, like...
-camera! [pretty good one too]
-a flashlight! [really handy...]
-tip calculator/stopwatch/timer/alarm/and other tools...
-really really big contact list
-heavy duty...not fakey feeling

and way more!!
i totally recommend it.

the internet is really good. i've compared it to my friends phones, i'm usually playing around with theirs, and i think mine is better/ and more realistic. not to mention faster.

so...good phone? defenitly! i totally 100% recommend it to you. i have it, so if you have any other questions, or how to do any of these things, feel free to email me!! you can click on my yahoo avatar and it will direct you to my email.

OH- and if you're thinking about getting it soon, you should get the LIMITED EDITION version of the wildcard. its only out for a little bit [i dont know how long] but thats what i have- and it has a really cool design on it. no different than the normal wildcard, just white, and with a stereo/speaker design on it. :)

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