Q&A: Nokia N73 experts only..?

Question by KeeKee: Nokia N73 experts only..?
im a prowd owner of a n73 music edition that i love,
thething is recently it went crazy:
1- the analoge clicks by it self (not just the button but the all the inner platform), so is it replaceable?
2- im sick and tired of the only 2 music visualization i have in the music player cant i download more??
3- how can i put videos and pictures to be private?(not to be shown in the gallery)???

thanks in advance..
any help or tips would be great
i love my phone

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Answer by NaS.
1) Your phones firmware has gone bad and needs to be either restored or updated. go to Nokia.com and get the update form there and also try restoring the phone back to factory settings.

2) The music visualiations can be changed if you download a new theme to it. Go to either onsmartphone.com OR gallery.mobile9.com and download themes form there!

3) You can either create multiple folders to put the video in it OR go to gallery.mobile9.com and download a folder lock for it.

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Question by Wolf: Tips Tricks for mobile phone Nokia n900!!!!?
Everyone who used or uses n900 can if he/she wants to suggest me some tipps and tricks and/or some sites with the latest apps because i have discovered a lot about this phone and i wont to know anything that is going on for this phone. And an special questions about overclocking how does it affect on the phone i have overclocked it to 900MHz and as far as i searched the CPU of this pnone (ARM Cortex A8) can get up to 1GHz besides the battery life will anything else be affected???

Sorry for my grammar?/spelling!!! 😀

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Answer by Nancy Bee
try these sites

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