Q&A: Rooting tips for an HTC Inspire?

Question by Olivia: Rooting tips for an HTC Inspire?
I'm interested in rooting my phone, an HTC Inspire 4G. But all I've really retained from reading forums and the like online, is "be careful, you could screw up your phone!" and I don't want to do that! haha

So, is there any body out there that knows something about rooting android OS? I read where you shouldn't have any custom ROMs on your phone (http://www.androidauthority.com/inspire-4g-root-advanced-ace-hack-kit-65407/), and I have the Gingerbread update from the HTC site (http://www.htc.com/us/support/htc-inspire-4g-att/software-updates) that I had to do manually (because apparently, my service provider isn't updating the Inspire anymore, or something of the sort, [I can't find that website to show you guys!]). Would that be considered "custom"?

Basically I want to know the gist of the whole deal and then maybe a website where I can learn more and make sure I want to do root my phone after all. I know alot of people have rooted their phones without problems, but I just want to be sure, and very careful about it.

Thanks in advanced!

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Answer by FunkyDude1996
If you follow the steps and the effen manual from the AAHK , you should be fine.

I have a Desire HD ( AcE ) and rooted easily using the kit.

All you need to do is set up everything on the kit , plug in your phone and press run.

for more - androidforums.com

if there's not much in the inspire , there may be root stuff in the desire hd section.

If you go into the Desire HD bit, I am MEhta23

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