Q&A: Samsung galaxy ace or nokia 603?

Question by Fially Pondaag: Samsung galaxy ace or nokia 603?
please help me to choose and give me some spec

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Answer by Darwin
I have the galaxy ace and it's great, some minors complains, but overall it's a great phone.
Check out for reviews on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLDuRqdelW4

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Question by Austin Breckenfelder: iPhone 5 vs Samsung galaxy S3?
I just want to see what people would prefer, answer with the phone you would take

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Answer by Peter


trust me

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  1. Samsung S5830EUBLK Galaxy Ace Android Powered Smartphone is my first real touch phone and first exposure to Android therefore I am still learning all of its tricks, charms and flaws. I am quite pleased with the design, feel and functions. I must confess, I’m a Samsung fan but I moved to this from a Nokia E71 which was rock solid functional with excellent battery life but the online experience was a bit clunky and limited by the screen size. Now I have far more screen real estate and online connection is seamlessly smooth with no pauses to ask permission etc.

  2. i agree with Peter. go with samsung galaxy s3 it has more techniques and it doesnt break easily like iphones

  3. Why would i spent something that looks like iphone 4s but bigger and uglier? And also the home screen still looks the same. It’s basically just bunch of icons. Not to lie but the home screen just looks exactly like iphone 4s.

  4. Samsung Galaxy S3
    With all these features; the Android on the Galaxy is still the main reason to choose the S3 over the new iphone.
    Android is an open source-operating-system which is a big advantage and guarantees maximum personalization and flexibility for the user unlike the very limited iOS but easier though . .
    Don’t get tricked by the fancy introduction of the iphone and the features that the Android already includes. Apple has just a BETTER marketing.
    For the new iphone is just a perfect external design for a handset

    Best of luck :)

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