Q&A: Samsung Reality Widgets!!?

Question by Coty: Samsung Reality Widgets!!?
Okay so I know I can drag widgets from the widget bar to the home screen, but I want to know. After they're on the home screen, can I drag them back into the widget bar?

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Answer by RVP11
Yes, it's difficult to do but you should be able to tap your finger hard onto the screen where the widget is and drag it back to the sidebar. Make sure the side bar is visible though.

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Question by Jay: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy SIII?
I've seen the specs for both phones. any tips/suggestions?
Also i have small/medium sized hands so is it easy to get used to the size of the galaxy note/note 2?

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Answer by Phable
The Note is absolutely incredible.

The size is like a double edged sword. Having a bigger phone is awesome since it is A LOT easier to interact with, however it's huge so it's hard to fit in your pocket and it looks kind of weird in your hand.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Samsung Reality Widgets!!?”

  1. Actually, I find it easier if the Widget bar is closed, Then whatever I have on screen that I wish to place back into the Widge bar, I just press on it and the tip of the Widget bar turns into a trash and I can slide it right in. (The trash can does not delete it; it just places it back within the Widget bar.

    Good Luck!

  2. I would say the galaxy s3 would be my choice. The note is simply too big in my opinion. It looks like your carrying around an reading book in your pocket.

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