Q&A: settings for the Nokia n95??

Question by Danny z: settings for the Nokia n95??
So i buy the n95, and upgrade to the media max 200 (which allows me internet and mms messaging) but the phone isnt set up for it and when I went to the At&t store they said they dont support the set up for an unlocked phone.
Does anyone know the settings to get my phone to recognize the at&t media like the internet and mms messaging?
many thanks!

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Answer by Lou O
Here is the Tips and Tricks section of www.cnet.com. http://help.cnet.com/?tag=hd_ts
Search here and if you cannot find the answer ask here is the site map page:http://www.cnet.com/4520-6018_1-105833-1.html?tag=ft

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Question by Pratanu: How to use facebook chat in nokia x2-01?

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Answer by Cry Baby Obama
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