Q&A: Sony Ericsson Music Help?

Question by InnerSakura_Jenny: Sony Ericsson Music Help?
I have the Sony Ericsson S500i cell phone and I'm trying to put music into it. But the PC suite does not work so im trying out itunes...does anyone know how i can use my itunes library to put music into my phone?

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Answer by Sucring
Music files from iTunes are under DRM protection. You need a special program to help remove the protection mechanism and convert the iTunes music to MP3.

I have been using TuneClone Audio Converter for quite a long time. It does the trick! It can convert iTunes protected AAC(M4P), M4A, M4B, protected WMA, etc. to MP3, WAV, unprotected WAV with high quality at fast speed via virtual CD burning.

Below is its step by step user guide you can refer to:

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