Q&A: What are cool tricks you can do with a cellphone?

Question by snakker2k: What are cool tricks you can do with a cellphone?
My cellphone is a Sony Ericsson w200a

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Answer by GregxPlague

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Question by MumtazG38: Can mobile phones bought in Pakistan work in the US?
Are there any tips or tricks?

How about whether mobile phones bought in the US can work in Pakistan?

What about a Sony Ericsson W810i that was purchased with a contract from cingular and the contract has been canceled, can I use this phone in Pakistan?

All and any "useful" answers would be appreciated.

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Answer by dancingknight
Phones can be used anywhere but it is the sim that is the problem usually because it will most likely show that you are traveling if you are not in the city from where you bought it.

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  1. Forward your number when you know someone is going to call. Up to you where you forward it to. Use your imagination but don’t do anything that might cause that person serious problems.

  2. In the u.s a phone can only work if it supports d 850 mhz band.
    All pak phones would support the 900 mhz band instead of 850. Only those which are QUADBAND such as the w810 wil work there coz it supports both such bands.
    & your u.s phone can work in pkstan if its network unlocked. even if it is not u may get it flashed n unlocked from ur local market. But ask cingular fr d unlock code if your contract is over coz dis wil b safer n more reliab

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