Q&A: What is the best phone in the market now?

Question by mimi lulu: What is the best phone in the market now?
I'm trying to get a new phone but there are some many choices and i don't know which one is the best.

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Answer by Zhi

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Question by Lauren: How do I unlock my email acct?
Changed my password and
D now I can't unlock the acct on my Verizon htc

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Answer by Secret Sandbox Society
If you're using the "New Improved" Y mail switch back to Classic for the time being until Yahoo can get this mess fixed with the "New" mail.

The New "Improved'' (sic) Mail is Unstable & There's Several Solutions To go back to Y Classic Mail. There are literally 1000's & 1000's of users complaining that can't use their mail properly. At Least One of These Solutions will work either Permanently or Temporally to get You in Your Mail so you can Manage it for now.
I know it's a lot of words but some folks are PC illiterate & I don't Know What Group You're in.

Note: As of May 31st, you can no longer switch back. Yahoo's removed the link to return to the Classic version. If your previous version was the "New Mail", then you MAY be stuck with it & you can't get it back Permanently.
BUT, If you have stalled from "upgrading" (like me) then the trick below will work.

Here are some of the Solutions for You:

**PERMANENT SOLUTION**: IF you have NOT "upgraded" Yet
To get back to the Classic version you'll have to lower the resolution on your PC to the point where it won't support the Beta version.

To do this Right click on a blank space on your desktop & choose "Properties". Select the "Settings" tab. Move the slider that says "Screen resolution" all the way to the left (or Below 1024 by 768 pixels) Click OK. You may have to restart your PC (depending on your settings)
Note: I'm still running XP & am not sure if this works in Windows 7 - Some say it doesn't

After rebooting or logging into your Y mail account like normal while in this new low screen resolution you'll be asked to switch to the new mail. Do so & click OK or upgrade (don't worry). When you're in the new mail you'll brought to a page that tells you the resolution is to low. It'll give you a few choices. Choose the "last one" which will say something like 'go back to the previous version you were using'. Click that & you'll be brought to your old classic mail. Log out of Y mail. Now you can change your screen resolution like it was before. This should be permanent - not just a one time fix (or until Y mail fixes/forces this too upon us & hopefully that's many months away)

You can use these two links though it's only a temp fix & you'll have to use them every time to access the Classic version so put them in your bookmarks or favorites for easy access.
If the links don't work & open up Y Classic Mail then copy/paste the address in a new window or tab & press enter.
Hope this helps and be Sure to come back & give SOMEONE a best answer (if one of them works for you) because some of these answers take a lot of time & work & research on our part. You can choose a best answer after 1 hour

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  1. Samsung phones r totally better than iphones. So much more powerful and packed with features. Iphones and htc one r simple phones and not very customizable.. the s4 is amazing but I believe the samsung galaxy note 2 is the best phone in the world right now. Similar to the s4 in features but better, the s pen stylus is so useful I couldnt imagine a phone without one now. And its not too big, fits in yr pocket fine and once uv had a large screen u ll never go back. The trouble with iphone and htc one is u cant remove the battery, with samsung if yr running low on charge, just swap to a spare battery and carry on. The iphone battery is rubbish u ll get half a day. with the s4 and htc one u ll go a full day between charges maybe more. With the note 2 u ll go 2 days between charges. Iphone and htc one doesnt support micro sd memory card. With samsung u can buy a relatively cheap sd card and boost yr phones memory buy upto 64gb, thats tones of pictures videos and music. The android app store is full of free apps, with apple app store u ll be paying for more apps. Check out the youtube and online reviews of the s4 and note 2to see how good they are.. also check out the online comparisons of iphone and samsung… samsung always beats iphone. Samsung and htc one comparisons come out even.. If u buy a samsung watch daily tips and tricks for either s4 or note 2 on youtube to get to know yr phone. Also get player fm app and listen to android app addicts pod cast to get the most out of android. Some good apps for android r atooma app. Power toggles app. Floating notifications app and hi app lock app.. and check out the youtube reviews of the note3 looks amazing.

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