Q&A: What should i do about my sidekick 3?

Question by clumsilybabes: What should i do about my sidekick 3?
i got my sidekick from e-bay. it wont turn on now and i don't have insurance on it. what should i do?

i don't have money for another phone. i tried restarting it, holding the w button and the @+1+0 trick. it still wont turn on. yes the battery is all the way in and yes i've tried charging it.

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Answer by Blackie
take it to a tmobile store, they may be able to help you better than the people here

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Question by J e Taylor: What's a breif and descriptive sumamry of the play write Beauty and the Beast and some characters?
The play, the Broadway play, not the movie.

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Answer by Abby
Beauty and The Beast: Broadway summary

An old woman shows up at a castle looking for somewhere to stay for the night. the handsome prince turns her away. She then sheds her image to become a beautiful enchantress, and puts a spell on him turning him into an ugly beast. she gives him an enchanted rose, and if all of the petals fall on his 18th birthday, he will be cursed to remain that way forever.

Belle is int he village reading her book. when Gaston and his crony LeFou stop and mess with her. She then leaves and returns home to help her father with his invention. they finish the invention together, and her father rides off toward the state fair hoping to take first prize. He gets lost in the woods, and ends up at the castle, where the beast traps him in the dungeon.

The next day Belle sees LeFou with her father's scarf. Asking him where he got it, he says he found it in the forest. she rushes into the woods to find her father. she finds the big castle, and goes inside to ask if anyone has seen her father. She is greeted by Lumiere and Cogsworth (the candelabra and clock). The two give her a warm place by the fire, and mrs. Potts offers her some tea. The Beast finds her in his chair and is outraged she was let into the castle. He tries to throw her out, but she has heard her father, and will not leave without him. She eventually trades her freedom for her release.

Then the typical cliche....she stays with him. falls in love, and he allows her to return to her home when she sees her father get sick in the forest as he was coming back for her later in time. Belle goes into the forest, brings her father home, and begins to care for him, when Gaston and LeFou return with Monsieur D'arque. He runs the insane asylum. gaston has made a deal with d'Arque, where d'arque will call the father crazy by tricking him into telling the village of the beast, and will lock him away until Belle marries Gaston. When Belle refuses to marry him, in his outrage he goes to kill the beast, with the other villages following him. Belle rushes back to the castle in time to see the Beast and gaston fighting. When the Beast seemingly wins, she rushes to hiim, only to witness Gaston get up and stab him in the back. The beast throws Gaston over the edge of the building, but then dies in Belle's arms. she finally says "I Love You" after he dies, just as the last petal falls off the rose. Her tears cause a transformation to occur, and the prince is finally the prince again. As well as the rest of the household has returned to normal.


Belle - typical town belle who loves to read, and loves her father dearly. Kind, quiet, but certainly not meek. She is strong and has her opinions.

Gaston - Town hunk. Everyone adores him, even he adores himself. His ambition is to marry Belle.

LeFou - Gaston's sidekick. Silly, stupid, but follows Gaston everywhere

Silly Girls - Gaston's posse. follow him around, and try for his attention 24/7

Maurice - Belle's father. Crazy inventor who wants to win first prize at the fair.

Beast - Enough said

Cogsworth - Head of the castle. He is in charge of all of the staff. Tightly wound (see what i did there?) he never lets anyone have any fun

Lumiere - Castle hunk, The ladies love him. charming, French, funny. He loves to annoy cogsworth.

Babette - Feather duster....Lumiere's girl. she is flirty and sexy

Mrs. Potts - Teapot. Her son is Chip.

Madame De La Grandbousche - the wardrobe. Opera singer when human,

Monsieur D'Arque - Head of the insane asylum. Comes for Maurice.

These are a few of the main characters. this truly is a wonderful production.

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