Q&A: Why does my battery on my cell phone die so fast?

Question by tink1665: Why does my battery on my cell phone die so fast?
I have a motorola bravo and my battery dies SO fast. Why??
Please help!

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Answer by Zeus Zeus
Batteries degrade with time, order a new one

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Question by Jer C: What version of Motorola phone tools is compatible with the Krzr K1m?
I want to find out what version of phone tools is compatible with the krzr. I've tried v5 and it doesn't work. I've tried to update the software but it says its all up to date. Can you tell me which is the version for the krzr or help me fix this problem.

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Answer by MotoChamp
It should work.K1m has been supported since version 4.3.6c.

There is a lot of MPT support available on the Moto site. I'll paste the link below. If you want to post more details here on what you are experiencing, I will try to help you, but you may be better off heading over to our site.

One tip -- Not sure if K1m has multi USB modes, but I know it wouldn't switch them automatically, so that would be 1st thing to check (USB modem mode).

Matt from Moto

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  1. It depends how old the battery is. If it’s over a year, get a new battery or new phone. It also depends how much signal you get. It is better to have a lot of signal or no signal at all. If you have like 1 bar your phone wastes A LOT of power trying to boost the signal and keep that 1 bar from fading to zero bars. If you go in and out of signal a lot that wastes battery too. For example, at my apartment I get 3 bars or so, and my phone lasts about 4 days with light usage. At my friends house I get 1 bar, sometimes nothing depending on what room I am in and stuff, and my phone would only last about 12 hours there under the same level of usage.

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