Q&A: Will At&t replace my phone with a completely different one?

Question by Dawg: Will At&t replace my phone with a completely different one?
I have an Nokia 6555 and it's currently missing a few applications and stuff. I took it to an att store but they didn't repair phones and they told me to go somewhere else which i haven't yet. I'm not sure how long I've had the phone for but i know it's been less than a year. So, instead of replacing it with the same exact phone can they replace it with a different one because this is the second time somethings gone wrong with it (first time i had to get sim card replaced)?

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I believe i'm missing the At&t mall and att music and a few other tools such as the caculator.

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Answer by Bill T
It it is still under warranty and they cannot find an exact replacement, they are obligated to replace it with another phone of similar features or one that is better.

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  1. Unless the phone was insured and or still under warranty, it’s unlikely that they will just replace it after 30 to 60 days. It would also have to appear to be in near mint condition before they would take it back but it sounds like you have went too long.

  2. You won’t get a new phone of a different make or model. You will get a like for like trade if you’ve owned the nokia for less than a year. Call the warranty center @ 800-801-1101 if you’re having device issues. What type of applications are you missing?

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