Review: Official Android 2.1 Update on the Motorola Droid

Review: Official Android 2.1 Update on the Motorola Droid - The official 2.1 update to the Motorola Droid is finally here! Check out our full review.
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CHECK OUT MY SITE! WWW.BOYMEETSPHONE.COM After reading and seeing people complain about not being able to use YouTube on the new Motorola i1 I decided to make this video. This video shows you a way to put the YouTube app onto your Motorola i1. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Need a copy of the youtube.apk? send me a message and i will try to get it sent to you! Hit me up on Twitter -

42 thoughts on “Review: Official Android 2.1 Update on the Motorola Droid”

  1. tipico fanboy de android, para una buena comparacion debes d tener una opinion neutra

  2. this may be a year old but im JUST NOW getting this phone…I heard it ran alot smoother than the DX and D2…..I cant wait…and thanks for showing the helix thing cause I want more than 3 screens lol

  3. Hey guys! I though i would share with you THE BEST app for android! iwifihack (dot) net

  4. Can I upgrade my 1.6 donut X8 to 2.1 eclair update and have the same UI just like that??

  5. dude
    i have the xperia x10 mini pro
    and i updated to 2.1 android
    And it’s much much faster than before
    But i want to transfer my apps and games to my sd card from my phone memory cause its gettin pretty full!!
    Or make the downloads got to sd card!
    Can you or anyone help me out here?!xD

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  8. it doesent have to do with the firmwere its the phon its self becous the cricket asend is running android 2.1 and it has like 9 screens

  9. lol Looking at this and it says march 31st and I’m still waiting for my x10 mini to receive the 2.1 android update. Fuck you Sony Ericsson!

  10. Is there some kinda thing that triggers that phone sound when your mouse runs over the video?

  11. When I start to download any application or game I get the message ‘starting download’ but the download doesn’t start and it says “download was unsuccessful, please try again”

  12. is there any way for me to block access to one app? like.. dont let it download info from the web

  13. i feel so bad for motorola cliq owners it came out in november 2009 and was pre-installed with android 1.5 WTF!?!?!? the g1 even had 1.6 by april 2009. and it’s been 9 months since the cliq cam eout and it didnt updat from 1.5!!! sad it coulda gotten android 2.2 by now the cliq was definately a downfall even the g1 is a quite a bit better. just a total fail…………..

  14. I dont get it. i had that gallery on my droid before I updated….. but none of the new features you get from upgrading???… oh well

  15. these nextel/boost phones will no longer work in the upcoming year. sprint will now offer direct connect phones but with CDMA technology, not iDEN. the software the i1 has does not support the youtube app. time to upgrade!

  16. um i did all you said to do and when it came to find the apps, i couldnt. there is no APPS folder on my fone. what do i do?

  17. oye amigo no tendras el archivo youtube.apk para motorola i1 … lo buske en la red y en todos lados kitaron los link te agradeceria… kiero ver los videos en youtube en mi celular

  18. Hey can you send me the youtube.apk please? i didn´t find it, and i wanna watch videos on my i1. please

  19. I know it has been some time, but This vid is great!.. the first time I saw this video, I tried it, it worked I was happy. Now, my youtube doesn’t play vids anymore. It comes up and shows the vid to choose, but does not play them. Perhaps, an update messed everything up. I can’t seem to delete it in order to reinstall it either. These i1s are not what they were cracked up to be.

  20. @AppleMeister96  Some people just bought this new phone, or they don’t have the $300 for a good one.

  21. it didnt work for me:S i dont know, what can i do i have boost mobile. can you help me.

  22. I did everything but when the video is loading, then show ( cannot play video sorry, this video cannot be played) please help me!!!

  23. yeah same with me..every time i want to see a video it says” Sorry, this video cannot be played.”

  24. Please help. I did everything you did and said but when i go to youtube it still doesnt let me watch youtube videos. What else can i do to watch youtube videos on my phone?

  25. …Question, I have the actual boost mobile motorola i1 NOT the 1 from sprint and i seen videos of ppl performing this on the sprint not the boost…(i guess i can tell by the main menu set-up0 but long story short, CAN this b performed on the motorola i1 for BOOST MOBILE???

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