Samsung Galaxy S II vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc “Face Off”

Hands on Face Off between the Samsung Galaxy S II vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc both running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
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Sony Xperia Z Tips and Tricks

The Sony Xperia Z is Sony's new flagship smartphone, running Android Jelly Bean it's waterproof, with a 4.8-inch screen. Here are some tips to help you get t...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S II vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc “Face Off””

  1. Isn’t the S2 a generation newer? I thought the arc was competitive to the

  2. the fuck do you expect the s2 has way better specs its a different league.
    The sony is clearly not better here like some suggest btw

  3. If you think the Arc S is better, then you are a motion. The GS2 won almost
    every test here.

  4. Because ignorant fools who buy who don’t even know what a kernel is are
    judging the phones over the way they look and the materials. The S2 is way
    better than the Arc, I know it, I bought an Arc.

  5. Xperia Arc S surely wins all dont compare with that shity mobile!!! Sony
    always wins Samsung!!! Fucking comparing with samsung !!!

  6. Lol me see you and SanchezStyle7 in most Samsung phone review videos 😛

  7. هههههاي من جدك انت يل ورع كلها بل جلكسي و الجلكسي نزل اول يعني صراقين

  8. I had a reservation upon Docomo Shop at Xperia Z [W] by
    yesterday(2013/05/01). Then I be carefull used that it’s Xperia Z App by
    google Plsy App of Downlood App. Bat,I don’t worry and don’t have the
    reason ‘s googli Play by World’ with Deve. menbers are allready enuoth
    forwarded now !

  9. please give us tips and trucs for the Xperia ZL, I recently bought one of
    these, and can not find the icon for see the external storage, … Tnks

  10. right but if you take a picture you realize the buttons desapear… same
    with videos, games etc… so it’s 5 inch display…

  11. Yeah, but when u have the “onscreen” buttons, then u lose some of the
    screen, right?

  12. question. if you remove shatter film at the will the text on the back be
    remove also?

  13. click on the app drawer, and at the top where its got the sorting order,
    sort that alphabetically and go to the f’s and look for an app called “File

  14. You can make perfect videos, with strong backlight.. example if the sun is
    behind you, and HDR Is turned on, there will not be any dark parts in your
    video.everything will be pure :)

  15. they simply go away if you’re watching a video on xperia z, rendering the
    full 5 inch display… same as pictures and games… except on the browser,
    but if you click on a video or picture in the browser the buttons simply go
    away… I know this ’cause my xperia z does that…

  16. Are these even tips? None of these are any “ground” breaking for android
    users. Felt like I watched a video for morons who used iPhone’s their whole
    life and just grew enough braincells to buy something decent and now they
    need to learn how to use it.

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