Samsung Galaxy S4 – 10 Tips & Tricks!

What is the point of owning a cool new phone if you can't make it your own? Kris takes us through 10 tips and tricks to get the most of your Samsung Galaxy S...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 – 10 Tips & Tricks!”

  1. *10 Tips & Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S4!*
    What is the point of owning a cool new phone if you can’t make it your own?
    +Kristofer Wouk takes us through 10 tips and tricks to get the most of your
    Samsung Galaxy S4! Full article:

    *Got any Galaxy S4 tips that you’d like to share?*
    #samsung #galaxys4 

  2. Great video I bought a galaxy s4 advance one year s4 release and it works
    well. Thanks 

  3. Also I can’t find the options on my galaxy s4 to use the slow motion or
    fast motion camera. Can someone help me? Thanks

  4. Wow.. Thanks .. I still don’t know that s4 can shoot slow motion and fast
    motion videos . I have it from 6 months. But didn’t know that .
    Thank you very much sir

  5. For some reason it wont allow me to access ISO or Anti-Shake, why is that
    or how do I fix it?

  6. On my galaxy s4 I don’t even have the option to take 13 mp photos in the
    settings. Also how do you access the other features in the camera such as
    anti-shake? Everything onmy phone is darked out and when I tap on these
    settings nothing happens.

  7. I’m supposed to be getting a Samsung Galaxy S4 some time soon, I’m sure
    I’ll need to rewatch this video 800 times to make sure I can figure out how
    to use it. Thanks for the tips. Very helpful and I don’t even have the
    phone yet.

  8. Mine has all the features but when I did that camera trick, I only had
    limited and normal, anyone know why ?

  9. on my s4 in the settings for the auto brightness there is a usefull
    function. i can set autobrightness to 0, then its just autobright.
    and i can go a few steps higher or lower then 0 so its always a bit
    brighter or darker then just autobright. very usefull.

  10. Oh thank your for showing me the adapt sound thing! Owe you one, big time.

  11. Another great informative video, the speed of how these tech gadgets are
    advancing as they compete to out do each other amazes me, makes you wonder
    what phones will be like in 10years time.

  12. My volume rocker does not change text message size. And I don’t have a TEXT
    icon, I have one called MESSAGES

  13. It’s funny how this and the HTC One M8 are almost identical. I ended up
    getting the HTC because the features it bragged about were more useful to
    me than the ones this one bragged about. I don’t need a finger print
    scanner or anything like that. I also seem to prefer the user interface on
    the HTC. But the main reason I went HTC was because I needed a new phone
    ASAP due to my DROID pretty much breaking which was a week before the S5
    came out. But a majority of the features that are shown in this video are
    virtually similar to the HTC’s.

    The only thing that made me consider waiting for this phone was the ability
    to open the back and reveal the battery, but it didn’t really bother me
    much. The build quality is impeccable on the HTC and is extremely nice to
    use and hold with the aluminum, not that I see it much with my Otterbox.

    I think I am going to get a micro-SD card, but can I hold music on one? I
    know certain apps can’t be put into micro-SD’s, but can the music app with
    all of it on there? That would be the only reason I would get an SD card.

  14. I got mine yesterday, upgraded from the S4 to S5. I have to say I wasn’t
    expecting much but the S5 is fantastic. I was either going to get the S5,
    HTC M8 or the Note 3. I’m glad I went with the S5.

  15. Thanks for the tips dude!

    In our country we don’t have camera on lock screen and we also are also
    missing the internet app on the dock, yep we only have 4 apps on the bottom
    which kind of sucks.

  16. Just bought mine waiting for it to get shipped thankyou for the video it
    will help me with the phone a lot

  17. Great phone 😀 Gonna have one since I got a great experienced with the S4
    and Note3! 

  18. a lot of functions were able on previus galaxy S like the air gesture and
    view, smart stay, s voice off etc

  19. I have this phone and love it. It’s voice sensor works well lol as mine
    picked up your voice saying “ok google” in the video. 

  20. got this phone on the day it came out! I didn’t know much about it until I
    watched your video :p Thank you 

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