Samsung Galaxy S4 TIPS and TRICKS, HELPS Part 1, Review by Gadgets Portal

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Question by : Lens stuck on Samsung ES55 Camera?
Hey guys I have tried everything with this camera and u can look through photos and everything and change settings but you can't take pictures, video or voice because the lens won't come out and when the lens dosent come out the camera turns off.
I have tried the following..
Pulling it before it can go back in (to short to grab)
Getting something thin and trying to blow out any debree inside and around the lens (didn't work)
Banging it (didnt work)
Removing memory card and trying new one (didn't work)
Reset to factory settings (didn't work)
Formatted camera (didn't work)

So guys please help it would be highly appreciated and top answer gets 5 stars no matter what!!!!!!
Thanks guys :(

Best answer:

Answer by retiredPhil
Looks like you tried most of the tricks but you might find some more here.

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23 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 TIPS and TRICKS, HELPS Part 1, Review by Gadgets Portal”

  1. wow. I`ve had the S4 for about 2 weeks and thought i`d seen most of what it
    can do, but this vid has shown me I`d only seen about a 30%! cheers.

  2. Can you help me? i have a samsung s4 i9505 unlock but i dont have the
    autocorrect feature, did you now how to resolve this problem? tanks

  3. Is their a way to change the bar notification color? Case if u use a a
    wallpaper from the phone its gonna be like transparent but if u use a pic
    the belongs to u it goes back to black pale plz help

  4. As of now, I cannot not get the ‘Safety Assistant’ to turn on when pressing
    both the up and down volume. What might I be doing wrong. This is a nice
    feature but I cannot get it to work. Plus, where is the icon to turn on the
    feature to scroll with your eyes? Thanks and great video. I just got the
    Samsung Galaxy S4 last week.

  5. i say you should root the s4 it is very safe and it is very rare that the
    phone gets soft bricked and even rarer, extremely out of this world rare
    that it gets hardbricked

  6. SUKESH BOSS You are amazing, i have seen almost all your videos, Sir, i
    need your help, as you are more experienced and have knowledge about phones
    I am confused between SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 and SAMSUNG GALAXY S4. I love
    both the phones, As i am an artist NOTE 2 Attracts me more because of
    S-PEN. and i hardly know anything about S4. Sir Help me to choose the Best
    phone for me. i expect an early response, Thank you and keep up the good
    work .:D

  7. Why must you show us something then go but i will show you this in a later
    series Just show it now!

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