18 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips & Tricks!”

  1. i got a samsung s3 is their a big difference between s3 and this? and I’m
    also thinking of getting a xperia z2 is their any info on pricing and if
    its on sell in america?

  2. One more tip: scan one finger on all 3 positions. After that your
    fingerprint sensor will work better.

  3. You can register all your fingerprints on one setup there are like 8
    squares for like each one put your fingerprint on it. 

  4. I miss the “Hooya!” after “Hi my name is Kevin, the Tech Ninja…” !!!

  5. is any one else haveing problems when they turn the camra on it just goes
    to a black screan and just freezes what should i do.

  6. tap build number 7 times to turn on developer options. Put all animations
    stuff on 0.5x it will work better :D

  7. hey everyone, i got an s5 but i don’t have download booster and other
    features on the setting bar on top.can someone help me?

  8. I want to get a S5 but everyone had a iPhone so should I get the 5s.? I’m
    also concerned about the S5 Lag. 

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