14 thoughts on “Samsung Note 8.0: Hands-on review of notable S-pen tips and tricks*”

  1. Great review Joshua, I got one myself as a birthday present and really love this tablet.
    Since I got mine brand new on for only $330.00 eBay vs. $400.00 @ BestBuy I went ahead and splurged on getting the Samsung case in both white and dark gray and they both complimented the tab really nicely.
    Like you said, it’s not a perfect tablet but in my in my opinion, this tab is sure a lot better than Apples’s iPad mini.

  2. go gators :)
    haven’t played with the 10.1 at all, as i was looking for something smaller, but for serious drawing/drafting, the bigger the better i’d say. I also think you can get some great discounts on both now, but def the 10.1 same resolution with fewer ppi, though.

  3. LOL I saw that UF alert in your email. Go gata.
    Have you played with the Note 10.1 at all? I’m really looking for a review between these two devices and no one seems to care to talk about about size difference, just OS.

  4. Joshua I’m an incomming business major and I was wandering if you thought the note 8 would help me with school? Generally taking notes and recording lectures.

  5. Skip the first 3:25 as it’s just a rehash of the device layout and physical config…yawn….after that when he gets into the s-pen it’s a lot more interesting.

  6. Should I buy this or wait for the Nexus 7 2? What really interests me in the Note 8 is the S-Pen which should be useful for me since I’m a graphic artist. It would be nice to be able to draw ideas and stuff. I heard that the Nexus 7 is an all around better tablet though? Also it’s cheaper but I wouldn’t mind paying more for something that would work better for my purposes.

  7. 3 and a half minutes before you got a pen out… um perhaps you could throw that early piece into a video titled “Why I like Note 8”. As the waffle kind of detracts from an otherwise champion review/demo

  8. Hi Josh, I spoke to samsung about the widget, and they told me to clear the data in application settings, and it worked. Now I can post my to dos, love it. By the way your review on this tab, actually convinced me to give it a testdrive. Great review.

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