Samsung Wireless Central Station Technology Featuring the C27A750X NCIX Tech Tips This is one of the simplest to set up and coolest things we've demo'ed on NCIX Tech Tips in quite a while. Linus shows you how Samsung Central Station technology allows you to use your monitor as a base station for your laptop whether it's at home or at work.... WIRELESSLY! Yes it's expensive. Let's get that out of the way now. But it's also REALLY cool. 3X HD resolution on a big stand with VERY slim bezels for a COOL gameplay experience! Guess you could use it for work too....

36 thoughts on “Samsung Wireless Central Station Technology Featuring the C27A750X NCIX Tech Tips”

  1. I’m sorry I don’t have 4 eyes to see two monitors at a time.. maybe one day I will? This guy “requires” 4 monitors? really? anyways..

  2. I don’t mean to be annoying, and Iove this show. But the only thing I need use when I want to use two monitors is an old VGA cable i had from a monitor that died, lol.

  3. Frame rate is not perfect? But… this is bad… how am I supposed to play serious FPS games on my laptop with this monitor?

    I don’t have HDMI out… only VGA out.

    I do have a USB 3.0 express card format host controller but it’s only a substitute for real USB 3.0 and isn’t as good. This might not be enough?

  4. @CoDBOxIPWNubZx even if it was pissibly which its not it would be dumb for gaming because of the LAG

  5. i was going to get this monitor butttt i found the SAMSUNG S23A950D and i say F this thing

  6. really wanted to buy this and sell my old 3×1 eyefinity monitors, just because of the samsungs low bezel.. I got 3x benq g2420hdb and these monitors have huge bezel :F

  7. Yeah, but you’ll need a huge blender ($1000) and this setup costs $2000. That’s $3000 (I know, I’m so good at math :D) and that could be spent on an epic computer. :(

  8. $1900 monitor system = finds box and shakes the crap out of it without knowing what it is

  9. These looks like magnets..takes metal strip, whack. “Nope, they’re not” Lol way to test a unidentified piece metal lol

  10. mount…i bought 3 acer 1080p monitors at 150 each then i bought a 300 mount plus a 30 dvi to active displayport adapter…the bezel is about an inch and a half but its fine for me

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