Sanyo Kerocera ZIO smartphone Droid 1.6

Sanyo Kerocera ZIO smartphone Droid 1.6

This a comparison between the ZIO that I have the Huawei that I don't have. I did pick up on some fine points between the 2 phones and wanted to share them. If you want me to have a closer look at the other phone I will try to get one and check it out. There are also tips and tricks that I picked up that you might not even know about I included 2 in this video.
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I was trying to think of a good way to use some cheap flank steak I picked up at a discount club. I instantly thought of Steak Florentine! In this video I am making a double batch, but for just one you would need: a ~2lb flank steak (trimmed, butterflied and flattened) 2 cups of fresh spinach 1/4 cup of fresh chopped parsley 1-2 cloves of garlic Sliced Provolone Cheese Sliced Mozzerella Cheese 1/2 cup of baby portobello mushrooms white wine garlic powder onion powder salt and pepper to taste After making the pinwheels as shown in the video, I grilled them for 3 minutes per side on my Char Broil Quantum Grill and then let them coast in a baking pan the rest of the way to 150ºF for a nice medium well steak (It climbed to 158ºF after removing from the grill from residual heat). A quick note: To cut the pinwheels, you need a SHARP knife. Try doing this with a mediocre kitchen knife and you will probably make them fall apart. I used a Kyocera 8" Ceramic Chefs Knife which sliced through it effortlessly! This video was photographed with a Pentax Kx DSLR using the stock 18-55mm Pentax Lens. Video was created in Windows Movie Maker. Audio is "Still Waiting for You" by Soundroll, and yes YouTube, I purchased a license to use it here! If you liked the products I used in this video, you can find them all on Amazon! Kyocera Knifes - Quantum Grills - OXO Salad Spinner -

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  1. well thats good. i tried it in the store and i had no problem i just started reading reviews that says the touchscreen is horrible lol but thanx!

  2. Pretty easy to use. I do suffer from fat fingers sometimes though. If you can try it before you buy it in the store I say that will tell you for sure.

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