Share Tips Unboxing Motorola Moto G

Tips and Trick Android - We got you an exclusive first look at the Moto G from London and now we have the Motorola Moto G Unboxing on FoneArena. The handset ...
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The Moto G isn't new, but I would argue it's one of the handful of most important cell phones on the market today! cheero Power Danboard Battery pricing & av...
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14 thoughts on “Share Tips Unboxing Motorola Moto G”

  1. Picked one of these up just last week. I literally cannot believe the
    performance of this thing. It’s lightning fast and only comes in at £100
    over here in the UK. I honestly think I’ll never buy a high end handset
    again. Truly a wonderful mix of performance and price.

  2. A good product is a good product regardless of price point. I’d love to see
    more review of lower to mid ranged items. Not everyone needs the top of the
    line (insert product here) and can often reach the same experience while
    saving money by buying a lesser item. 

  3. 2 mins in this video and he`s already complaining about the moto G while
    praising the Iphone. This sounds more like iphone promotion vid.
    dont listen to him.
    bought the moto g last month…and its a charm to use.

  4. Actually you can dial by name if you enable it in the options of the caller
    app. Why it’s not on by default is beyond me.

  5. I bought the 16 GB version for 199 on amazon and i still can’t believe
    this phone is so cheap. I totally recommend it.

  6. linus is always the last to do reviews. i think it has to do with his
    obsession to get the review right and give the product a fair chance. also
    to see what everyone else says about it and wait for the hype to die down.
    old phone is old though don’t bother with it now.

  7. Lower end phones would be cool, but i think you should compare them with
    the next tear up

  8. My friend got a Nokia 925 off Ebay and said that it has better specs and is
    on a better OS, the first part is true but it’s at a higher price point and
    the OS is so bad compared to Kit Kat, Kit Kat is highly customisable and
    you don’t have to scroll through 20 tiles just to find an app. God knows
    why anyone likes Windows phones.

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