should i get the htc fuze, or the samsung impression?

Question by Jared 31: should i get the htc fuze, or the samsung impression?
i love how both have the touch screen and slide out qwerty, but i've never been a fan of windows mobile because it freezes alot.
the impression doesnt have threaded style texting. i dunno, HELP

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Answer by RJL*class*of*09
You know what's weird? I am having the same problem. At first it was the t-mobile wing, htc fuze, touch pro and the samsung impression. I went to speak to a sales associate about the HTC fuze and he told me that the HTC fuze is really for business people and is a really expensive phone. He also told me that he only sells 3 out of the whole week because people are most likely to buy the impression.. So now I was down to the wing, touch pro and impression. After reading the reviews on the wing, I came to a conclusion that the wing was not right for me.And for the touch pro, well, I love everything about it, just not the price. It is $ 600 if you are not qualified, or if you are qualified, it will be $ 400, with $ 100 mail in rebate So now, I will be getting the Impression after my next paycheck. The impression is great. One of the best part about it is that it has edge and 3g suport. With 3g support, you will experience fast web connections, and if you are not in an area that does not support 3g, then it will transfer into EDGE. Like all phones, it does have its flaws, The impression does not have flash, also it has a propierty head phone jack. Another bad feature was the volume level and occasionally it does freeze. ( but then again, what internet phone does not freeze once in a while) But it's only $ 200. Now with the htc fuze, as you mentioned, it freezes alot. Also, from the reviews I've been seeing, it has a slippery surface, battery life is a huge dissapointment. Another common problem about the HTC was that it was too bulky and heavy. Over all, the HTc recieved a 4.0 out of a 5.0. The impression was a 4.7 out of 5.0.

My tip: If you are a texter, a person who loves to IM, then the impression is the way to go.

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