Should i sell the ps4 and get a iphone 5 or Samsung galaxy s4?

Question by Chris Smith: Should i sell the ps4 and get a iphone 5 or Samsung galaxy s4?
The reason I ask is because im 15 and I hate the phone I have. Its a dell venue pro. Or should I just keep the ps4?

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Answer by chris
keep it and buy an iphone second hand get them for less than half price and many u can still get in original packadging. or u cud buy a decent phone 2nd hand for even less. and how do u hav ps4 when it doesnt come out for another 7 weeks?

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Question by Sophie: Why is there a second lock screen on my Droid Razr M all of a sudden?
Usually when my phone falls asleep or I press the power button, I unlock my phone with a pattern and that takes me to my home screen. But now when I turn on my phone, the clock shows up with a little lock at the bottom and i have to unlock it or i can go to my camera. After I unlock it , it takes me to my pattern lock screen. Also, when I am on the first lock screen I can swipe and go to "Add widget" or "Add more sources". But I don't want this first screen, I just want my pattern to show up when I first turn on my phone! How can I fix this?!

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Answer by Jacek
Most likely you got this (unwanted, annoying) feature as a collateral, during some recent 3rd party app installation or update. Question is - which particular app is responsible for this effect (most probable suspects being: "Your mirror" and/or "Flashlight" - I had the similar problem, uninstalled both those apps, and that did the trick).
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2 thoughts on “Should i sell the ps4 and get a iphone 5 or Samsung galaxy s4?”

  1. It depends on what you need.

    For school, I would probably get a smart phone.
    I would lean toward the S4, because of it’s large screen real estate, more options with Android (rooting, SD cards, etc), and faster processor (great for gaming).

    If you are already invested in Apple though, or you like the look of the iPhone 5, then there is that choice too. I personally do not like iPhones, since everyone has them, and you aren’t unique anymore with one.

    I would also recommend a good tablet like the Galaxy Nexus 7 or 10 if you don’t already have one; those things are great for gaming.

  2. That's a hard decision Samsung you can way hand over it to view messages but apple has better stuff than Samsung and apple made the first smartphone. To be honest just pick me myself I have an iphone 4. Sell the things your gonna sell then with. My experience go on eBay and buy both lol

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