Sidekick 3 Help!!!!?

Question by JlovesY: Sidekick 3 Help!!!!?
i just got a sidekick 3 from ebay
and i dont know how to work the track ball
i allowed it for clicking sounds
when i move it up, it makes the sounds
but when i move it down, it doesnt work, nor makes clicking sounds
what's wrong?

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Answer by krayziealbo
there might be some dirt in the way. Use canned air which you can get at staples or radioshack for like 5 bucks or you can take a Q Tip and dip it in alcohol and rub down the trackball while moving it around. If that doesnt work then your trackball must be repaired.

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One thought on “Sidekick 3 Help!!!!?”

  1. That problem used to happen to me… I don’t really know. It just went away for me.

    But the person who owned this phone before you must have dropped it, ot while it was getting shipped here, it might have been hit against something…

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