Sidekick ID tricks (New ones too!)

Please watch this video! It has two new tricks I've discovered, and one trick that can be done easier(the trackball glitch), and also some classic ones that everyone knows!
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JUST TO LET U KNOW: i did return the sidekick dont comment asking y? i will tell u right here... i have my iphone and i had the sidekick i payed 200 for the iphone 250 for the sidekick .. the sidekick is cool and it has a nice keyboard but u cant even compare it to the iphone and the catolague has berly anything.. 3$ for a ringtone YA RIGHT!! .. and yes i know u can get ringtones for free from websites so dont say u can get free ringtones.....soo i decided to stick with the iphone.. because the iphone has sooo many cool things the only cool things about the sidekick is how it looks the swivle screen the camera and the best.. the keyboard visit my other channel @

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  1. Oh ik some. You could to the same snowboard game on it. Or for a cool light show, try menu+shift+p and It will flash ur lights, then again for it to do a new sequnce then again for a third sequence then again to shit it off. Also if you do menu+f you’ll do the mirror glitch

  2. @xXAmiiGeralXx
    …….Loud speaker. Perfect for listening to music. The phone draws attention with its flashy lights and it’s flip keyboard..etc… I love it…and it will make anyone who sees you using it admire it.

  3. @xXAmiiGeralXx
    Well it depends. I for example have always loved the sidekicks and I recently got a sidekick lx 2009 and was very upset that T-mobile took the sidekicks off the market because I really expected them to continue trying to make it the most awesome phone of all time.
    The slx09 has the most beautiful I’ve ever seen The camera is pretty good when in good light. It’s speedy with text messaging and calling (awesome keyboard)……

  4. @techtalker24 had the g1 went back to the sidekick. G1 operating system to slow unless you root it which is confusing as hell

  5. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for those tips! I was seriously following along with you as you were demonstrating, and I was like “Ahhh-it worked!” Haha!

  6. what happends if yhur sidekick lx 09 dosnt turn on at all? when i plug it up, it says its charging by the light indicator, but it wont turn on, even if i plug it up for hours? I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @JUNiORR94
    IPhone Blows. Had one for a few months and it broke so damn easy.
    so i got a sidekick.
    Way better.

  8. @JUNiORR94 i got mytouch 3g nd sidekick nd iphone nd out of all of them i think mytouch 3g is better

  9. i like both i have the iphone and the sidekick 09 but i cant lie the iphone is way better then the sidekick but the sidekick is also better loll ill pick my iphone tho

  10. @xXAmiiGeralXx One thing Danger never fixed was the fragile screen hinge. Everyone I’ve known who had a Sidekick broke it within two years. Mine lasted barely 18 months before the hinge broke.

  11. @CR0NUS47 i’ve dropped it tons of times with the screen out and in and nothing has happened to it so far. so for me, no.

  12. @KillaNoob its actually a week and two days pay…lol i would know…but yea i hate how people talk stupid crap about kids with phones its dumb!

  13. nope the sidekick has more apps 2 it . people just never take their time 2 go trough the apps .. and you can download ringtones

  14. @xXAmiiGeralXx UMM NO…I HAD THE G1… the g1 dies wayy too quick ..if all you care about is imming, facebook, and youtube, then definately get the sk lx 09 cuz i just switched my phone.

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