Sidekick LX Press Video

General views and screenshots of the Sidekick LX in use. There is no sound with the actors.

Question by Lucy: what do you think about books switching narrators?
I`m writing a novel and there are two main characters that are both capable of being the protagonist as they both drive the plot and have interesting backgrounds. They`re both deep and intriguing characters (I hope I don`t sound cocky) and I`m just a bit stuck as to what I should do. If I portrayed it detailed and well enough, I could pull off switching back and forth. Personally, I would prefer just to have one narrator, but they are both crucial characters and I know if I write one over the other I`ll most likely regret it, no matter which one I choose. What`s your opinion on these type of books, and have you got any tips to help me lay it out better?

Also, just in case, what`s your opinion on which character I should choose:
-The detective: he is basically the person that drives the plot and the man that everybody is aimed at, however, I feel it wouldn`t be much fun to write from his point of view as I wouldn`t be able to fully get into his mind (I`m a girl) and I know that I hate books that are all events and no emotions.
-The girl sidekick: she is young and smart, and though she`s only present for parts of the action, she would be a much better choice for me to connect with, meaning for the readers, too. I could find ways to make her present for the important events, it wouldn`t be difficult. Also, I think it would be interesting to tell the story from a sidekick`s point of view for a change.

Anyway, please give me your advice. Thanks 😀

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Answer by Bad Girl Conservative
My books often switch narrative POV between scenes. That's because some scenes happen when the MC is not around.

It's not a sin to change POV, although I stick to the same one for each scene.

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21 thoughts on “Sidekick LX Press Video”

  1. oo now i noe wat update yall are talkin bout it happened on my sidekick on
    the 25th or 26th or sumtin

  2. @CnChenn im sorry but htc yet to make a phone with led flashing surround
    area or hinge like the sidekick did not even samsung did with sidekick 4g

  3. haha thats funny the guy never even got a call. The lights didnt light up.
    They could of at least made the mood light come on as he picks up the
    phone. What a bad press video.

  4. yeah..I was gonna but I don’t wanna but it cuz we don’t get service around
    here only unicel but I’m probably gonna get an iphone if at&t buys unicel.

  5. razors are soo three years ago… xD atleast where I live, now its ALL
    about the iPhone.. >_> Which I hate, cause its sooo common! When EVERYONE
    and there momma has something, what makes it special anymore? We dont have
    a T-Mobile here though, soo getting an unlocked SideKick would be just
    peachy! lol

  6. i have one and a video to show cool tips on it and what camera did they use
    to record this video its so perfect

  7. It’s 1.3 megapixels, but sometimes the quality is amzing. I have the
    nokia..5300? and the pictures show up real nice sometimes

  8. @xxlilmonk3y24xx you only love it because it popular if they stop selling u
    will jump the wagon on android and say it suck iphone too like u doing now
    wth sk

  9. I meant they don’t have t-mobile where I live!!….sooooo…..ummm….yeah
    that’s what I was going to do but I have a razr now…..soooooo….suck it

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