Sidekick Lx problem with vids?

Question by afinogenovfan21: Sidekick Lx problem with vids?
alright i have a sidekick lx and i downloaded videos to it and the audio works fine but it only shows me half the screen in videos? i downloaded 8 mile and the dark knight and i have the same problem with both help me

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Answer by Jordan
call the service

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Question by Jayman10394: sidekick lx problem?
the blue blinking light on the scroll ball keeps blinking. the blue light stands for a message but i have no messages..........wats the problem

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Answer by Kathleen Marie
pull the battery out while your phone is still on, then put it back in, and see if that does the trick.

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2 thoughts on “Sidekick Lx problem with vids?”

  1. i know a lot about sidekicks and u can try going to menu on the video screen and click minimize or zoom out. and that should do the trick..

    luv, melly

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