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Question by ashleynicole8809: is there away to save my Mp3 music as ringers on my sidekick slide? Also how do i install Youtube?
i dont like rather have full mp3s to use as ringtones..are there anyway this can be possible? also i heard the i can install youtube on the does that work? any other tips and tricks for the sidekick slide will also be appreciated...please and thank you!

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Answer by DJ[MAZJHICK]
they dont let you use your music as ringtones and im not sure about the youtube on the slide,
it would be an application and i dont think anyone has it

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  1. Hi Thanks BrO GOod videO 5/5.. One mOre thinqq how youu Got that voice thinq that when youu oepn and close the sidekick the sound would come on ? thankss get backk as soon as youu can.. once again thanks

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