14 thoughts on ““Simple Fix” for “phone not charging”, “loose cell phone charger cord”, or “cord falling out””

  1. OK, mine is perfectly fine, nothing broken no wire loose, but it wont charge when I put it in the phone. I have to keep playing with it to get it to charge. The silver wont stay still and charge it.Advice?

  2. This easy method of cleaning IF DONE CAREFULLY and gently, can be done repeatedly without ever damaging your device! Remember to never force the needle in. File it thin, and then sweep “all the way down to the bottom” between the pin row, and the inner wall of the charge socket. If it doesn’t go to the bottom, file it thinner!

  3. Thanx a lot man. I thought my phone was broken and I probably would have wasted money at a repair shop.

  4. I’ve sent my Galaxy Nexus to the customer service three times in a year (it tookes 4 months in total) for the charging problems. My phone is currently there waiting to be repaired and now i see this video.
    In my case the phone also damaged the male micro usb part of the cable. Did it ever happen to anyone?

  5. How many phones have I gotten rid of because of this? Wow… it works. I didn’t use a flattened needle. I just used an old toothbrush and swished the bristles around to sweep the dust and lent out… but it still worked! Thank you so much!

  6. Hey, I want to thank you for this video. It makes total sense that being in my pocket everyday it was bound to get fuzz debris lodged inside to charging port over time. A simpler method that worked for me was to take a can of compressed air and blow it out a few times. The high pressure of the compressed air dislodged all of the fuzz and now my phone is working again. I wouldn’t have even given that a try if it wasn’t for watching this video. Thank you again.

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