25 thoughts on “Smartphones Show 51 (Sony Ericsson W960, iPhone)”

  1. BTW you can get to other apps quicky, you just have to press the walkman button and it minimises the player and you can get to task amnager without stoping play.
    Also you can control track jog by the volume buttons and stop/start with the button on the mic on the inline headphones.
    Such a shame the walkman quality is no better than my old w800i. Nice interface but the quality of sound is not improved since this model.

  2. Very disappointed with the w960i, sent it back. Lots of bugs..try taking speaker phone off in a call.
    The walkman has the normal good sony sound quality. But 5 sec gaps between songs, no user Eq anymore and it is too quite to use in public even at full volume.
    The video recorder is only 15fps and the interface is very clunky.
    The handwriting recon, was excellent though, the best I have seen. Sony let me down on this one. No more sony for me, n95 8gb for me know.

  3. Hello steve. quick question..
    Im thinking about purchesing a phone. should i buy n95 8gb or w960i or should i just buy k850i or n82 and save money.
    thank you for your help.

  4. hi steve im your fan (this means i like your show and your 3lib’s webpage)

    but… why we can donwload your latest show?

    PD: I know… I trully Understand the meaning of COPIRIGHT…

    No ofense

    Thanks in advance

  5. that is why i wish you could explain! cuz its not branded and it is unlocked when i got it, could u tell me why i cant update to v20 please?

  6. Sounds like you’ve got a branded (network locked) N95 – unlocked/SIM-free N95s can upgrade to v20 firmware. Note that v21 isn’t out yet ANYWHERE 😎

  7. Hi Steve
    quick question
    how do i update from firmware 11. to 21.? cuz my update software application says 11. is the latest!!
    very helpfull

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