25 thoughts on “Sony Ericson Xperia Arc Tips and Tricks!”

  1. I have a rooted Arc S with ICS 4.0.4. Light to normal usage lasts for a day but heavy usage (playing games continuously, etc.) lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Brightness set at approximately 20%

  2. HEY FAGGITS im sure you all know how to do these things & so do i but take your bullshit somewhere elsethings cause there would be alot of people who don’t know how to do all these so leave him alone or just make your own arc video ^_–

  3. hey mate , i got xperia arc and im pretty bad using it, can u make TUT how to copy application named Hidemyfiles from PC to Xperia Arc, and how to use it? thanks, and nice vid.

  4. yo dick head wtf du u think of us…….this is the lamest vid on utube….it would be cool 2 see u shove the arc up ur arse,,,,,atleast thn i could call it a trick……
    was expecting somefin awsome thn ur voice came up……egggggg……spoiled my day

  5. omg u r lame…. i know all that when i got my ray on the first day geek wannabe…

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