31 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson C902 video review – from stuff.tv”

  1. haha, thanks for the suggestion. But it’s like been 3 months ago since i
    commented on this vid so I already have bought a phone, it’s n79 great
    phone. thanks anyways.

  2. like this phone. i own one myself. the downside for me is just i dont know
    how to get my text messaging going.

  3. I’ll be ordering mine in the next couple of days! Plus I heard that the
    C902 will be the phone James Bond uses throughout the movie “Quantum of
    Solace” coming, Nov. 14!

  4. Thats totally right nathanhem… I had a soul and returned it after a day
    and a half. i was thinking of this phone as my upgrade as it available on
    my contract… do people think this is the right move? this woman on this
    video didnt fill me with much confidence! xx

  5. Sony Ericsson C902 is batter because k850i starts bugging and lagging after
    1 moth of use…. C902 is great phone just take this one :)

  6. Hi , I would like to know what is the sound level in this amazing Mobile
    phone ? PLEASE ppl help me out !!! no one is talking about sound level ever
    and it is important to me !!! tx hugs

  7. Mam problem, zrobiłem to co na poradniku, lecz zrobiło sie zwarcie i
    głośnik nie działa, jak to naprawić ?

  8. hola tengo un Sony Ericsson k800i pero no me enciende cuando lo cargo me
    enciende una luz en el infrarrojo pero cuando lo desconecto y lo quiero
    encender no enciende que tengo que hacer

  9. hi, you’re really a pr0!!! can the lights be turned 0n while filming????
    and h0w did you changed the skin of your music player????

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